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Due to the nature of the government contracts serviced by the USVS, we cannot divulge much information, including the locations of our facilities.  All of our communications either have to go through protected United States government channels, or through encrypted online methods.

Please read the information below and contact us using the appropriate method.

To Report A Vampire Sighting:
Please call your local police department at 911, or your nearest FBI office.  A list of FBI offices can be found by clicking here.

Law Enforcement Inquiries:
If you are a sworn law enforcement officer and need to speak with us please contact USVS director Othniel O’Connor by email at

PR / Media Requests:
If you are a journalist, publisher, or other media representative looking to run a story on the USVS, or potentially review Chief O’Connor’s book, please contact our publishing partner using the information below —

Macropop Press
Steph Coronesi, editor