And People Think We’re Weird

Top: The famous frame of the Patterson film. Middle: An official sketch from the BFRO of what Bigfoot's face looks like. Bottom: a fur trapper from the movie "Jeremiah Johnson."

It turns out there’s an organization out there that hunts Bigfoot, the mythical ape-man that roams North America.  But that’s not the weird part — what is strange is that groups of people pay $300 to $500 each to go on Bigfoot hunting tours.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization runs four-day expeditions to locate and observe Bigfoot, or perhaps multiple… bigfeet?  What makes this interesting is that, even though these expeditions seem to always end with no sightings, people still pony up hundreds of dollars to go on them.  What they usually find are holes in the ground the tour leader often claims is a footprint, and, of course, big piles of poop they claim was left by Bigfoot.

That’s right, no sightings of Bigfoot, so people are basically paying hundreds of dollars to collect Bigpoop.

According to the BFRO, it is undisputed that for over 400 years people have sighted tall, furry man-like creatures in the woods of North America.  This is very shocking considering the woods of North America have been the stomping grounds for hunters and trappers for hundreds of years.  And what do they tend to wear?  Well, animal furs, basically.  And big animal-fur boots, which make their feet seem bigger.

If you do happen to spot Bigfoot, however, do be sure to fill out this contact report form at the BFRO.

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