Another Marauder?

The Paramount Marauder

Someone driving the civilian version of this thing is clearly compensating for something.

One of our readers sent us an email noting that there is another vehicle named “marauder” in the world of badass vehicles.

The Paramount Marauder is a mine-protected military vehicle similar to the HMMWV “Humvee.” Where the Humvee is built in the US, the Marauder is built in South Africa, and used mostly in third-world nations like Azerbaijan and South Africa.  It’s a pretty tough truck, but doesn’t really compare to our USVS Marauder.

Our Marauders were custom-built by Mack Trucks many years before the Paramount one of the same name.  Although the design for both of our Marauders is still classified, it’s safe to say that the sensors built into ours blow away this third-world knockoff.  Ours are significantly bigger, and can actually off-road better!  We also carry more fuel and get much better gas mileage, just like the highway monsters Mack makes every day.  And we created ours first, so they should change their name to something else — like the Pansy Marauder, or the Wanna-Be Marauder.

There’s now a civilian version of the Marauder, which isn’t much different from the military version.  As much as I’m keeping my Marauders, it probably would be a lot of fun to drive one of these things.

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