Cat Urine

Your cat is not a vampire's best friend.

Your cat is not a vampire's best friend.

Bugs hate cat urine.  No kidding.

How that was discovered isn’t entirely clear to me, but at some point in the 70’s my dad and his team found out that bugs really don’t like cat urine.

Now, before you go wearing the nasty stuff like some kind of protective perfume, please note that even if you’re dripping in the stuff, no bug is going to stop biting you once he gets a whiff of it.  When a bug is charging for a kill he’s not going to stop for anything, really… except maybe a good spear, or a claymore mine.

You need to significantly inundate the area around your home to make it any good.  I mean a whole lot of cat pee — so much so that you may decide to move away, too.

Also, before you go bugging the professionals for some synthetic feline tinkle, don’t bother.  Nobody makes enough of the stuff to make it worth your while.

I only mention this because I often find that the vampire lovers that write to me are also cat owners.  Just wanted to point out that no real vampire would be interested in living with cats.  I’d imagine it would be much like sharing a tent with a dude who loved beans, if you know what I mean.

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